2017 Honda Odyssey Body Styles, Powerful Engine

According to rumors, the new 2017 Honda Odyssey will be released into the market very soon. Not much accurate information about the vehicle is known currently, but it does seem to be a vehicle that will leave many talking.

2017 Honda Odyssey - side

2017 Honda Odyssey – Body Styles Changes and other Options

With the make of this vehicle, there are great industry insiders that acknowledge that this new 2017 Honda Odyssey will have better technology that will be incorporated from the model of 2015 Acura MDX. It is said that it will include a four wheel drive. This 2017 Honda Odyssey is expected to have a very different external look compared to its predecessor. It features a completely modern and eye catching look with far-reaching changes on its outside. It will have minor artistic twists on the headlights, fog lights and front and back bumpers. This is because they will be created with the LED expertise to be able to give it a wealthy appearance.


The interior of this vehicle will feature various driver support functions. Also its cabin will have a classy and feathery design that will offer a pleasant and comfortable ride to both the driver and passengers. This next generation Honda will have high-grade seats that are made of leather material to ensure the passengers are relaxed. The back seats will have a foldable design, thus more space for the luggage. Well this fits to be the perfect car for those families that like to carry a large amount of personal stuff when traveling.

2017 Honda Odyssey - interior

2017 Honda Odyssey – Powerful Engine and Performance

The company has definitely put an extra amount of effort in making the engine more powerful than the previous designs. This new Honda Odyssey features a commanding V6 engine that has the displacement of 3.5 litres. It also has maximum of 270 lbs. turning force per foot and a total power of 290 horses. Enhanced performance and efficiency of the fuel has been attained through combination of the engine of this new honda odyssey with a nine-pace high-tech transmission. Thus, the new Honda offers a traveling distance of 21 miles per gallon when used in cities with good roads and 34 mpg when it is used in roads outside the city. You will come to realize that this new generation Honda Odyssey 2017 will most likely have a number of notable resemblances with the 2016 Acura MDX model. This is mainly because the previous 5th generation would be based on that. Many are wondering about the release of this model because the fixing of an all-wheel drive system will require it increase the clearance ground and the consumption of fuel as a result of increased mass. Also the price might rise with some thousand dollars.

2017 Honda Odyssey - rear

2017 Honda Odyssey – Release Date, How Much will Cost and Competition

This new model is expected to be released in the late 2016 or early 2017. This vehicle will most likely be priced at $40,000. This new 2017 honda odyssey will have great competitors including 2017 Chrysler Town and Country. The 2017 Honda Odyssey appears to be a great vehicle that will be attractive to many and very comfortable for the people who enjoy vehicles with this model.

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