2017 Toyota Innova Review, Price

Toyota’s new model has been cruising the streets for a while and the reason for that is that their newest car called Innova is being tested. By looking at some leaked images, we can see that the 2017 Toyota Innova won’t have the similar design as its previous version. Even though the design will be changed, this new car will still have the aggressive look alongside the front part that will keep that SUV look. Also, the manufacturers wanted to improve the handling and the fuel economy, so they gave a more aerodynamic look to the new 2017 Innova.

2017 Toyota Innova - front

2017 Toyota Innova – Exterior and Interior Specs

If you saw the pictures of the new Innova, you’ve probably noticed that the car doesn’t look like its predecessor, and there’s a reason for that. Toyota wanted to make something different from the previous versions, something that will make buyers happy and after all, something that is worth buying. The idea for the new design came from Toyota’s model called Fortuner. So keeping that in mind, it’s no surprise that the new Innova will be bigger, to be more precise, it will be taller and have the boxy front part. All of these size and design changes will give the car a more fierce, but at the same time elegant look. Besides all of this, the new Innova will also get a more daring front grille, larger headlights and a smoother bumper. When it comes to the back part of the car, you will be able to see new bumper and tail lights.


When you’re looking at the new aggressive look of the Toyota Innova, you’ll probably start to think that the same thing goes for the interior also, but that’s not true at all. If you’ve been driving some earlier Toyota models and thought that it need to be more spacious, then you’ll like the Innova very much. This car will have more space than any Toyota car before. The manufacturers have focused mainly on the fact that the car needs to have as much space as possible. So if you need some more space for the cargo, or you just like to have more legroom you’ll like the new 2017 Toyota Innova very much. Some other additions to the interior that you could like are the leather seats, the new console that you’ll be able to control with just your finger and some more quality materials. This still has to be confirmed, but it’s expected for the new Innova to have climate control, reverse cameras, and for some extra protection, dual airbags.

2017 Toyota Innova - interior

2017 Toyota Innova – Engine and Performance

The engine is the most important part of the car and 2017 Toyota Innova will be rocking 2.0-liter engine under the hood. With this engine, this car will be able to produce around 135 horsepower, which is pretty good. This 2017 Toyota Innova will have 4-speed automatic transmission system with an option of getting a 5 speed one. Also, if you don’t like this engine, you can get a 2.5-liter one, which will be able to produce over 140 horsepower. These new engines will have improved fuel economy and overall a better performance.

2017 Toyota Innova - rear

2017 Toyota Innova – Price and Release Date

It’s still not official how much exactly will it cost, but with all of these upgrades and improvements, 2017 Toyota Innova will have a higher price than the previous models. If you want to get this car, you’ll have to wait for early 2017, when it gets officially released.

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