2018 Toyota Sienna Changes, Expected Date of Arrival

Toyota has announced that it will release the next generation of Toyota Sienna version known the 2018 Toyota Sienna. Unfortunately, very little information has been made public about this future model. This vehicle model is expected to come with great redesign and road performance. The automaker has also revealed that the previous models failed to achieve the expected results, and now they have said that they will take their time to redesign the 2018 toyota sienna outer part.

2018 Toyota Sienna - front

2018 Toyota Sienna – Inner Cosmetic Changes

Toyota wants to increase future sales record and maintain its dominance on the market. To achieve this, they have planned the redesign of some of their previous toyota sienna 2018 models giving much attention to both exterior and interior features. They know that these changes would be enough to attract future buyers. The exterior design of 2018 Toyota Sienna model will be quite simplistic. The manufacturer will include a touch of elegance, something that is missing in previous models. Regarding the looks, the model will be sharp and sleek with mesh-like grille structure. Also, it will have sharp and rectangular large LED headlights.


Dimensions of the 2018 year model will increase a little bit more compared to the previous sienna 2018 models, but the total weight will be maintained. This means that the automaker will utilize large quantities of lightweight alloys to achieve this. Speaking about the interior compartments, the next generation model will feature advanced navigation system, touch-screen display systems, dashboard, seats and steering wheel. It is also expected that the automaker will improve the vehicle’s infotainments such as radio system and DVD player.

2018 Toyota Sienna - interior

2018 Toyota Sienna – Main Power Production Unit

Just like the previous Toyota Sienna models, 2018 Toyota Sienna model will be a family minivan. Until now official announcements have not been made regarding the car’s drivetrain. The 2016 model features a 3.5-liter V6 engine system which makes around 266 horsepower. The manufacturer has promised to maintain the same engine specs, but work to improve the current 6-speed auto transmission system to 8-speed transmission system. While Toyota plans to redesign the V6 of some of their models to a 4-cylinder turbo, there are no confirmed reports of similar modifications on the Sienna. The toyota sienna will be a four-wheel drive, making it suitable for both on the road and off road ride. It will have a 20 mpg on city streets and around 25 mpg on highways. While this rating is better compared to many full-size SUVs, still it can’t match 27-mpg of car brands such as the Nissan Quest.

2018 Toyota Sienna - rear

2018 Toyota Sienna – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

Unconfirmed reports indicate that 2018 Toyota Sienna is expected to enter the market around spring 2017. Kindly visit this site again to check the most recent release information. Toyota has not announced the retail price, but since the model will be a redesign of the previous model, it is expected to have a price range of in-between $ 35 000 and $ 50 000. We will keep you updated as we wait for the official retail price from Toyota. One thing you can be assured of is that the 2018 Toyota Sienna model holds a lot of promises. In fact, it is interesting to see what the automaker will deliver.


  • Willa says:

    I thought the 2017 Sienna was supposed to be a new design and so I waited to trade vans. What a disappointment when it got here. Please tell me this is not more of the Same. Hint, take a ride in the Town and Country top of the line. Heated, 2nd row leather chairs. Push button 3rd row adjustment. Plush interior. I want that in my Toyota. I am a loyal repeated Sienna customer. Please,
    I don’t want to change.

    • Marina says:

      The top of the line Sienna is also plush! All seats are leather, second row is leather with reclining seats as well as a leg support, like a recliner in your living room. Has not only heated seats, but cooled seats. Third row has one button push adjustments that will lay the seats flat as well as bring them back up.

  • Mike Healy says:

    When you redesign the Sienna, you need to make an Arizona Model that has Cloth Seats and no Moon Roof but with all the other deluxe safety features. In Arizona, with our heat, we do not need leather or heated seats, moon roofs. This new design would be much more appreciated especially when we are trying to avoid the heat from seats or on our heads from the sun.

    • Ham Morris says:

      All manufacturers along with Toyota put moon roofs on their upper level vehicles to drive up the price. Consumers in hot and cold climates do not want a costly moon roof when purchasing a vehicle. I wish consumers would boycott buying vehicles with moon roofs. This would send a strong message to the manufacturers to wake up and give consumers what the consumer wants, not what the manufacturer wants the consumer to buy.

  • don schuessler says:

    when will it be available?

  • James Ferguson says:

    What about all the new safety features that are showing up across the industry, such as adaptive cruise, automatic braking to avoid collisions going forward or in reverse, lane management, etc..

  • clifflucie says:

    Why does the Sienna not at least have an option for 8 way adjustable seat for the PASSENGER? I want to be comfortable on trips too. The Kia Sedona, Chrysler Pacifica, and Dodge Grand Caravan all have them. These cars are less expensive but have more features. I have been asking Toyota for 7 years to add it. I have been loyal to Toyota for 45 years and will be leaving for a new company with my next car unless the 2018 has it. Also, Why are the headrests like rocks? The Avalon has nice soft headrests which do interchange with the Sienna so why not make the same soft ones for the Sienna?

  • tonyle says:

    Please improve engine should be V8, it have more power or at lease V6 4L, present sienna was not power enough ..
    2nd row chairs have to be go down in the floor not removable because I have a back paint each time remove and put back the chairs

  • TONY says:

    2018 should be fully new design and different from 2012 to 2017,. when i saw the 2018 in the auto show so disappointed. all it change the hood and front nose and some option. I want to change van atlease different design .

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